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A: Check if the watch is near the phone.
Make sure the watch has sufficient power and is close to the phone. The closer the distance, the easier it is to locate the watch
B: Check whether the device has been connected to other mobile phones.
If the watch has been connected to other mobile phones and the connected phone is still nearby, you need to first turn off the Bluetooth of the connected phone before attempting to pair again with the new phone, using our app
C: How to confirm if the watch is still connected to a nearby phone.
There is a small connection icon on the dial page of the watch. That icon will always appear in this manner while the watch is still connected to a nearby phone.
D: Try to restart Bluetooth
Close the app, turn off the phone’s Bluetooth, then re-launch the app before re-enabling Bluetooth
E: Try to restart the device
Turn off the watch and then turn it on again before attempting to once more pair with our app on your phone
F: Try to restart the phone
Close the app, turn off the phone’s Bluetooth, completely restart your phone, then finally re-launch the app before re-enabling Bluetooth
G: Try to clear the phone’s Bluetooth cache
After a phone has been used for a period of time, excessive data may accumulate in the Bluetooth cache and will need to be cleared off.
For Android:
– Go to the “Settings” app on your Android device.
– Select “Application Manager”.
– Tap the 3 dots at the top right corner and select “Show system apps” or “All System Apps”.
– Scroll and tap on the “Bluetooth” app.
– Quit your phone’s Bluetooth app by tapping “Force Stop” or “Force Quit”.
– Tap “Clear cache”, (or “Storage”, then “Clear cache”).
– Restart your phone.
For iPhone:
– Go to your iPhone “Settings” app.
– Select “Bluetooth”.
– Your watch model number should be on that list and may begin with either “T20..” or “T12..”.
– Tap the “i” toggle corresponding to your watch model and choose “forget this device” to clear the Bluetooth cache.
– Restart your phone.

Then pair once more:
– First turn off your phone’s Bluetooth. After that, completely power off your phone, then turn it on again.
– Do not turn on your phone’s Bluetooth yet.
– Now launch the app (TINWOO/TINWOO PRO). The app will prompt you to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. At this point, you can let the app turn it on.
– Make sure the watch is on and running, it should also be as close to your phone as possible.
– Go back to the “TINWOO/TINWOO PRO” app on your phone.
– Tap on the link icon at the top-right corner of the screen. That will bring up a list, with your watch likely to be the only device on that list. Tap on it to pair and connect.

A: Confirm that the app is running and connected to the watch
B: Confirm that the app is set to not to be optimized for power consumption (Android phones).
C: Confirm that the app has self-launch permissions (Android phones)
D: Make sure that push notifications are enabled for the specific app whose notifications are failing
E: For Android, check in the “Info” section of our app, disable and re-authorize access to push notifications
F: Confirm whether DND (Do-Not-Disturb) mode is turned on the watch; if so, disable it
G: In the “Device” settings section of our app, adjust the time period during which notifications are allowed
H: On iPhones and other iOS devices, remember to check notification settings in the phone’s “Settings” app, find the specific app whose notifications are failing, and then turn on the required notification permissions (the “push to notification center” option must be checked)